One of the most common questions when discussing work with a potential new client is ‘what about SEO?’ or ‘I really need to be at the top of the ratings, but nothing I seem to do its working, what can I do?’.

Both very relevant questions but seem to dissipate when copy is not written, images are poor and responsibility for regular updates or a blog is undecided.

The bottom line, in my opinion is that strength, accuracy and relevance of the information on your site is paramount.

Sites can, and should be optimized to be picked up by search engines and the content should be easily share-able if relevant and there are techniques, methods and applications to help you enhance your presence once launched – as successful sites require active management to make the most of their opportunity.

Fundamentally though, there has to be something worth seeing once a user arrives!

  • Does it do what is says on the tin? If searching for something specific, your user may have limited time or have shortlisted you amongst several others. What they want to see is the information they were expecting simply laid out or easy to find, before looking at their next link in line.
  • Is it accurate and up to date? This should a given but often the website is the last to be given an overall if only part of an overall business activity. In my experience, a common cause for this is over-ambition or an under-estimated provision for resource when planning the site. Far better to have 3 key pages that work than 12 with half finished content or that image still waiting to be done.
  • Is the page self -sufficient? This may be the only chance you have and unless relevant, the user may never delve further into your site, so it needs to not only have the information but clear and easy instructions on what to do next or how to contact you.
  • Is it regular and consistent? A lot of advice revolves regular updates, having a blog and showing a personable side to the business. This is all well and good but only if it’s right for you, conveys the right tone (as opposed to something manufactured to tick to a box) and informs in some way. Your time must be set aside to contribute to this , it doesn’t just magically appear. If you are going to have regular update then decide on the frequency and stick to it. The more established you get the more important this becomes.

Without the above then you can drive as many people to your site as you like but you need to deliver once there. It is this that will develop return visitors, transform these into clients and spread the word about what you do as a business rather than some keywords which may or may not pertain