Why does my local business need a website?

If you are a new business or an existing one without a website you maybe overwhelmed with options and a sense of being oversold. Budgets are tight and you want to ensure you get what you pay for so a good place to start is to identify the reasons why you need a...

Website Revamped

Website Revamped

I've finally revamped the company website - http://agilityweb.co.uk. Website management, design and consultancy in South London.

Content used to be king. Guess what, it still is!

One of the most common questions when discussing work with a potential new client is ‘what about SEO?’ or ‘I really need to be at the top of the ratings, but nothing I seem to do its working, what can I do?’. But the bottom line is that strength, accuracy and relevance of the information is paramount.